DEELUXE boots ID TEAM TF Black 19/20 snowboard

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[DEELUXE] 2019-2020 model / snowboard supplies / snowboard boots / SNOW BOARD BOOTS / men's model / men's model

Based on DEELUXE's best-selling model ID, which boasts amazing lightness, and equipped with a C3 racing system, the fit around the ankle has been improved.
Although it is a soft flex, it holds the ankle firmly and there is little loss, so it is easy to operate and style no matter where you slide. The skate flex sole, which is sensitive to the sole of the foot, is very easy to walk on, and the heel part has a special material called SLYTECH built-in, which is excellent in shock absorption.
Heat retention is also high due to the thermo block applied inside the outer. Suitable for jib park freestyle.

* With domestic genuine warranty, with Japanese genuine warranty