Achilles walking shoes SORBO Sorbo 152 genuine leather

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[Achilles] Sports shoes / walking shoes / shoes / running shoes / sneakers

SORBO 152 genuine leather sneakers [SRZ1520]

Achilles Sorbo 152, shock absorbing SORBO
-Made of natural leather, the part that looks like a string is elastic rubber, so you can use it as a slip-on as it is.
-Solbo with excellent shock absorption, elasticity, and flexibility.
-Made in Japan, Wise is 3E. It can be used for light walking and town shoes.
[Three points of Achilles Sorbo]
1. "Sorbothane" built into the heel absorbs the impact at the time of landing and reduces the burden on the foot.
2. "Polyurethane sole" with excellent elasticity, flexibility, and abrasion resistance
3. "Anatomy design" that gently fits the entire sole (Anatomy design is a three-dimensional structure pursued from anatomy)
-Uses two types of materials with different hardness for the insole to further improve stability during walking.
-We are particular about the design of the sole and promote ideal weight transfer from heel contact (heel contact) to kicking.
Walking shoes recommended by "Achilles Sorbo" that are particular about ease of wearing and walking.

[Main material] Genuine leather

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