MIKASA soccer ball 5 ball No. test Ball Match Ball

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[MIKASA- Mikasa soccer ball / soccer / football / SOCCERBALL / FOOTBALL / General / University / high school / junior high school / 5 ball No.

The National High School Sports Festival official Match Ball test ball soccer ball

¿½¦ This ball is, if you stored and transported in a state folded, also remaining wrinkles in the skin after you put the air. We'd like a storage and transport in a state in which put the air.

Material: artificial leather
[Specification] Shiba dog days, paste, butyl tube
[Size] circumference 68 ~ 70cm
[Weight] 410 ~ 450g

¿½¦ This item will take a number of days about 2 days to 7 days to ship for the manufacturer obtaining commodity. In addition there is the case that even after your order out of stock.
The return of the post-maker arrangements completed, exchange, Please note that cancellation can not be accepted.