SASAKI Swiss made ladies super protector 2 holes [gymnastics/gymnastics]

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[SASAKI] rhythmic gymnastics/gymnastics/ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS/hand goods/protector/belt type/2-hole

Swiss made ladies super protector 2 holes [SWP-535]

Swiss protector
Rei Sports Made in Switzerland Super Protector for Ladies 2 holes

*Please refer to the size chart in the image above for the dimensions of each size.
* Due to the use of natural leather, the texture and color of the leather may vary depending on the production time. * Cowhide is a natural material, so it may expand or contract slightly due to dryness or humidity.
To prevent accidents and perform properly, be sure to read the "Accident prevention caution sticker" before use.
*Before using, be sure to receive sufficient guidance from the instructor and select the one that suits your purpose and individual. Do not use the protector's leather if it is stretched excessively.
*We cannot accept inquiries about defects caused by customer processing.

*This product is ordered by the manufacturer, so it may take approximately 1 week before it is shipped. Also, it may be out of stock even after ordering.
Please note that we cannot accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations after completing the manufacturer's arrangements.