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[asics-ASICS] Basketball shoes/basketball shoes/basketball

● GELJUDGE 3 (Gel Judge 3) [TBF311]

◆Fusion of ease of running and comfort. Lightweight and cushioned model for referees and coaches.

◆Lighter than the conventional model. The fit around the ankle has also been improved, making it suitable for referees and coaches of all ages.

◆Focus on running motion, which is the most common referee motion. Pursuing ease of running with a sole structure with excellent stability by Duomax.

◆The thick midsole that combines different hardness materials provides a soft cushioning feel.

● T-GEL (stepping part) + T-GEL (heel part): cushioning

●SPEVA 55 INSOLE (whole surface) softness and stability
An inner sole: Replacement type

■ Compatible insoles sold separately: TIZ101, TIZ103, TIZ104
■ Upper:

・Body: artificial leather + synthetic fiber

・Reinforcement: artificial leather

Outer sole: Rubber sole
☆ Release date: Early February 2014

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