Power Supply Not Needed! Water pressure powered toilet seat


Beware of similar products

Kirei water hydraulic flush toilet seat is a registered trademark of Sugihan Co. and is a product registered with the Patent Office.
Sugihan Co., Ltd. complies with the Product Liability Law and comes with a one-year product warranty.
Accidents caused by products that do not comply with product liability laws are generally not compensated.
Please beware of similar products.


Why is kirei popular?

  • No power supply required. Environment and household friendly!

    This is an eco-friendly product that does not require electricity to use and uses less toilet paper.

  • Can be used in areas with hard water!

    The water hydraulic system and filters on the water supply hose and branch joints prevent motor failure due to lime clogging.

  • Can be installed easily by anyone!

    Very easy to use and install! Anyone can easily install it by following the tutorial video.

Double washing nozzle

Flip the lever forward for buttocks washing with air-filled water, and backward for female-friendly bidet washing.In addition, the nozzle is washed automatically when the nozzle is returned to its original position for cleanliness.

Water pressure adjustment with a lever at hand

Very simple to use! Water pressure can be easily adjusted by tilting the lever.You can use it at your preferred water pressure making it easy to use, even for the first time.

kirei 3 Unique Features

  • Soft Close Lid

    The lid closes slowly which helps avoid damages.

  • Anti-slide base plate

    Grooving on the base plate prevents vertical displacement of the toilet seat. Has clearance for toilets with holes of a width of about 120~170 mm, so it can be installed on toilet bowls around the world.

  • May be carried on board as carry-on luggage

    The compact design is easy to carry, and since the main unit is not equipped with a motor, it can be carried on board as carry-on luggage. Packing box size: W435mm*H530mm*D90mm

Installation Examples

  • Cambodia and Vietnam Installation in Restaurants

    Can be used in combination with hand showers seen commonly across Southeast Asia.

  • Installation in an elementary school in the Philippines

    Introduced to a Philippine elementary school attended by 1,900 students, which was later given an award for being a school that has improved its sanitary environment.

  • It can also be installed in restrooms without a power supply.

    Can be used even in unit baths which require waterproof power supply construction without additional work, as long as the water supply is running.

Easy to install!

Even one person can do it!

Can be easily installed by one person!

  1. Turn off the water valve and let the water in the tank drain off.

  2. Remove previous toilet seat and branch fitting and install base plate

  3. Install new water supply hose and branch fitting

  4. Attach product to toilet bowl

First, check the area around your toilet!

  • CHECK1

    The toilet lid must be affixed to the toilet bowl by tightening the nuts.

  • CHECK2

    The base plate must be attached to the toilet bowl.
    (Hole size 120~170mm)
    The toilet lid must not interfere with the low tank or wall
    (Space from attaching hole to low tank: over 45mm)
    *Please refer to the diagram for detailed dimensions up to the wall surface.

Check Toilet Dimensions

Check Toilet Dimensions

kirei's Worldwide Success

An Installation case example in The Philippines!

6-story public elementary school
with approximately 1,900 students
(Location: Banaag, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila, Philippines)
All 50 toilets in the school were replaced with Kirei products.

The school was recognized as a Best Implementing School for the Comprehensive Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Schools (WinS) Program by the Philippines' Department of Education.

Japan. Committed to SDGs

Sugihan Co., Ltd. is a holder of the SDGs Japan Mark

The "Japan Mark" is only granted to Japanese companies committed to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Both Sugihan Corporation and NAKAHARA DENKI CO., LTD. are listed on the JAPAN SDGs Action Platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


Kirei is Registered With The Japan Patent Office

Kirei is a trademark which has been registered by the Japan Patent Office. Our techniques for water pressure systems, and our designs of water supply hoses and branch fittings have also been registered.